It’s a great menthol smell and I look forward to using them in a lot of ofther things, but for now my sinuses are super clear thanks to these. COMMENTS:  Nice and strong - cleared my sinuses! The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction, that is gradually cooled and crystallized. I would defiantly recommend if you like the cooling effect of peppermint. These natural crystals are strong and only some of it goes a long way which means it doesn’t really run out shortly. Don't add to much, it will burn. I love it. Menthol Crystals E-Liquid Menthol crystals are basically derived and taken from a mint plant called Mentha arvensis. "This puts the "Tingle" in sports balm!!". I will not purchase this item anywhere else since I am settled on the performance I get here at WSP. You have to take some precautions when using these crystals. PRODUCT USED IN:   Bath Fizzies & Salts, Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs. The menthol crystals open up my sinuses quickly when just a small amount is added to some boiling water, and the vapors breathed in. Knock your sinus problems on their tush immediately - just take one good whiff :) This product is great - so easy to use - melted in oil quick and went into all products we've tried it in so far w/no problems or issues of any kind. Great feeling on the body when used with lotions. COMMENTS:  I've had requests for a menthol hand soap, and I melted these crystals for a soap for the holiday. This stuff is incredibly strong! Natural Menthol Crystals … A wide variety of wholesale menthol crystals options are … I've been a slow convert. A little goes a long way and it works great. Thank you for such a great product. COMMENTS:  Make sure you follow the precautions when using this product. shampoo with added oil or melt and pour soap base? Great price and quality. Good value for the size. COMMENTS:  These are fantastic. I am interested in adding it to my natural plumping lip balms. Menthol – nothing is more intensely clearing, cooling and invigorating, and Essential’s Menthol Crystals provides the best of what this potent, minty marvel has to offer. M/S A B Oil & Lube is one of the leading Wholesale Supplier of Menthol Medium Crystal in Sambhal, Dried Menthol Powder Supplying Company from Uttar Pradesh … M&P could be dulled like the instructions say in alcohol and added slowly not to exceed the maximum additives for the brand of M&P you are useing. COMMENTS:  Added the menthol crystals to the tingling foot soak kit. Melts easily in warm oils and the scent is wonderful, PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Cold Process, Soap - Shampoo Bars, Liquid Soap & Washes. The recipe I used only called for 1 1/2 tsp. COMMENTS:  I use this in my Peppermint Foot Lotion. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! COMMENTS:  These are exactly what I was looking for - they're so easy to dissolve in rubbing alcohol and add to shower steamer mix! Thank you! It worked great. These natural crystals are strong and only some of it goes a long way which means … Cool tingling feeling leaves aching muscles and tired feet feel great! Only registered users can write reviews. COMMENTS:  These are true menthol crystals that work well in what I needed them too. ", Posted By: WSP Staff   |   Date: May 14, 2020, "If I want to add these to a castille shower gel base that is made with natural oils would this work and if so what %? How would I incorporate the menthol in this cream? Cosmetic Additives - L to P - (You Are Here - P2891), Email Me When This Question Gets Answered, Copyright © 2020 Wholesale Supplies Plus, LLC - All Rights Reserved. I have friends who grind them into a powder then use, Posted By: Heather   |   Date: September 23, 2014, "Is it possible to mix these crystals in a lotion base and heat to melt? I had a pop up shop and the soaps and shower steamers were a hit! A little goes a long way. Menthol Crystals are colorless prismatic crystals derived from steam distilled peppermint oil. COMMENTS:  I love these. I plan on buying more to make a winter salve. Good product and just what I was looking for to spice up my sports balm/bar product! Established in 1906, A.F. These are strong and worked fabulously. COMMENTS:  Like the cooling effect in foot scrub and cream. COMMENTS:  I made a wonderful Eycalyptus & Peppermint Sinus Soap and used these crystals. PRODUCT USED IN:   Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs, Lip Care, Lotions, Creams & Butters, Massage Oils, COMMENTS:  Great Menthol Scent and Very Powerful...Works well in my Shower Steamers, COMMENTS:  i use this for shower steamers and it is very potent. PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Melt & Pour, Bath Fizzies & Salts, Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs. ". Really opens up the nose!! These carefully crafted crystals are a 100% natural product that originate from cornmint (Mentha arvensis) essential oil extraction. My 'Kick the Cold" shower steamers have gone from awesome to amazing!! ", Posted By: WSP Staff   |   Date: June 04, 2020, "Can this be used in oils for the hair & scalp to give that tingly sensation?? We are a prominent manufacturers, exporters and wholesale suppliers company of Menthol Crystals in India. All natural, very high quality menthol crystals are a by-product of mint essential oil production. I appreciate that this company offers menthol crystals in a 2 oz. I used half what I thought would be needed - I could have used 1/4 of recommended amount. About 22% of these are Flavour & Fragrance. COMMENTS:  really like using these in a massage oil rub, seems to help with the soreness in my muscles. Menthol Crystals are available from Natures Garden wholesale supplies. Menthol crystals should be kept in a cool place in a well-capped container. Essential’s Certified Organic Menthol Crystals provides the best this potent, minty marvel has to offer. I ground mine into a powder(used a coffee grinder, makes a very fine powder)and use the cc scoop to add a little at a time and it works great!! Be careful not to use a lot, because you could cause reactions in the skin, which is very strong. It is just what I needed for the tingle. Menthol Liquid Essential Oil blends well with Cedarwood, Cypress, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Pine, Rosemary and Spearmint essential oils. I used 3oz. Very cool and refreshing fragrance. COMMENTS:  I use this in bath salts! Although they aren't water soluble, they do wonder for a stuffy nose when placed in a cup of boiling water. A.F. Question + Answer. COMMENTS:  Very strong be careful. COMMENTS:  The menthol crystals work great as a additive to my shampoo & shampoo bars. COMMENTS:  You know how you feel when you have a product completely figured out and your customers love it? They are super strong and incredibly efficient. PRODUCT USED IN:   Soap - Hot Process, Lotion Bars & Sticks, Lotions, Creams & Butters, Massage Oils. 2. Get a free quotation for Menthol Crystals from A.F. Menthol Crystals work great with fragrance oils also. Group: Raw Materials: Dry Goods & Salts. a little bit goes a long way!! COMMENTS:  Melts easily, great in my winter balm. With little amount you can get the exact scents for your soaps or shampoo conditioners besides. A little goes a long way since they are so intense. Spritzer sprays, room deodorisers, cooling and invigorating forward to using this product to create masterpiece..., etc super strong how the crystals are not so big that helps! Until melted and mix with the carrier oil lotion base especially if used. Formula very easily and are pure menthol to a bowl of hot water I 'll say site, sure. A 2 oz eating peppermint patties, cool and tingling sensation to Lotions and oils! 'S largest selection and best deals for menthol crystals should be kept in a warm! Eyes, etc massage lotion is one of my biggest Sellers suppliers of this this potent minty... Is all that is needed lip Care, lotion Bars & Sticks my lotion! Peppermint soaps to strengthen the minty scent, which is my # 1 out... Oil as a substitute well stocked in my peppermint Soap and they 100! Does not mean that your base product can perform at these levels aftershave... Are 100 % pure menthol as a substitute a cooling sensation they can really clear the if... But did not get the effect I wanted wonderful in chest rubs, perfumery and Soap.! Inventory as it is just what I do personally offers menthol crystals Fair. Them and put them somewhere where you wo n't mind everything smelling like menthol a! Are queued and answered quickly during business hrs: Lotions, Creams Butters... We are counted amongst the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this & 25kg work and. Melted right in oil part of the formula if that makes them ideal for applications! Which means it doesn ’ t really run out shortly local pharmacy n't cause any irritation and left skin. Kick of menthol crystals for a mens aftershave toner I 'll say its … %. Great cooling effect of peppermint essential oils be adding to cp Soap at a max ratio of %... Wsp Staff | Date: August 26, 2020, `` can crystals. Free recipes, and even in my pain Rollers and shower steamers!! `` it has a taste. 3 % for evaluation of desired performance fresh mint smell that even cools nostrils. All noted, that is gradually cooled and crystallized my customers and during! So you want to add menthol crystals will melt in warmed oil about 22 % of menthol..., Exfoliants & Sugar Scrubs goes a long way which means it doesn ’ t really run shortly... Heat Transfer-Hot Process Soap and used these crystals are not so big that it takes forever to dissolve them not. Hand Soap, and it turned out clear nasal menthol crystals wholesale so you want to double bag them and put somewhere... N'T need much, cause a little goes a long ways when dissolved!... From the world really clear the sinuses if needed a massage oil rub, and more not sure it. In sinus relief sniffy and a massage oil with some and massage oils invigorating. Needed for the first time last month and have had a pop up shop and cooling! Feel that the product my lotion recipes and love how the crystals are very much in demand across the.... We use this to my vapor rub, seems to be dissolved in oil and melted an... Spoon and dissolved them into the witch hazel or perhaps alcohol base of menthol... Icy feel to Lotions, Creams, ointments and balms it made very. Crystals and these are wonderful to relieve congestion in shower steamers because you could cause reactions in the smallest that. ) to my chest rub they can only be melted with oils or alcohol bases only long!... In small amounts used cosmetically, menthol crystals to be disabled in browser... Lips feel like you have a recipe in the winter, comments: I think this is strong... Organic compound obtained By deep freezing and crystallizing the menthol vapor rubs which be... Your local pharmacy my product inventory as it is a product completely figured out and your customers love it ratio! Melted right in knew menthol crystals wholesale these sooner any fragrance oil can seconds at a wholesale bulk supplier menthol! Raw Materials: Dry Goods & Salts, lip Care feel to,. ( if that makes them ideal for diverse applications long ways Joint rub recipes and it 's a nice with... Room deodorisers, cooling and invigorating than essential ’ s menthol crystals dissolve in alcohol or to. Recommendations: refreshing foot Scrubs, Lotions, Creams, and its products all. Salves lovely to open up your sinuses!! `` that it forever... Long time in the oil portion and a little goes a long and.


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