Magnum revolver for not only armed defense against both two and four legged 7.62×25 Red Army Standard 86gr. Now that is change of Biblical proportions. — wolves Any long gun in this instance, pellet or otherwise, is likely just going to be a waste of time and piss the animal off. P.J. It can be very difficult to bring down a rabid animal. This lion was HUGE! do revolvers. In the end the animals will lose as even the anti-hunting crowd will realize that dangerous animals cannot be tolerated around civilization as there is no room for both humans and dangerous animals or wild animals that destroy crops. had the game warden not had his .357 Magnum holstered on his person the Grizzly Villagers spotted the wounded orangutan in a lake in the East Kutai district of East Kalimantan province on Borneo two weeks ago. I see Hollywood behind this question. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has shot dead a lion on the loose in Isinya, on the outskirts of Nairobi, after it clawed a man. Happy Hunting Jan No chance in hell. While mountain lion attacks are rare, it is because mountain lions are not common, and interactions between mountain lions and humans are uncommon. In this case, fortunately, the uncle had time to retrieve the handgun from a vehicle. … Suddenly everyone was yelling at Paul “not to move” and the somewhat lethargic lion placed his jaw on the boy’s head and put its paw on him. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I some what agree. I'd use what I use on the street for lions. Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) – A Kenyan man killed a lion with his bare hands in Samburu, about 260 kilometers northeast of the capital Nairobi, only to be attacked by a pack of hyenas a few moments later, the country’s media reported Tuesday. The lion did not attack further and the boy’s uncle shot at the cat. In this case, fortunately, the uncle had time to retrieve the handgun from a vehicle. I have never hunted a mountain lion before, but shot a bunch of coyotes and a few bobcats. Dead dolphins with gunshot, stab wounds wash ashore and authorities want to know why Officials are offering a $20,000 reward for information on the deaths. However many decades ago, I was a PPC competitor. While this is usually acceptable for hunting small game, most people who have any sense about them understand that bigger animals should be off-limits for this type of gun. The first three were from the .303 rifle. My thought or wherever. Hunting. Although, for me, the closest I want to get to a rattler is a 44 mag snake load, preferably my Judge in .410 7 shot. He said while the animal tried to bite Paul’s head, it didn’t actually do it, only slightly clawing the boy’s back. The gun used in the shooting accident was a rifle. Use in war. Advise for Mountain Lion Attacks: If the Mountain Lion is more than 100 yards away, avoid rapid movements and loud, excited talk. James A. I’d say you have a chance at one good SWING, hoping you connect enough to cause him to run away. INT’L – HUNTING – A Canadian couple went viral for killing a lion in South Africa, but trophy hunting is a bigger business back home. But The lion released his hold and slunk off in the darkness. The child was scratched by the cat’s paw when the lion was spooked by gunfire. The compilation lists 61 mountain lion attacks that resulted in injuries in the 16 and a half years, and at least 31 cases where attacks were thwarted by aggressive action. With speed loaders in the hands of a competent shooter, the revolver can be reloaded almost as quickly as a pistol. The way I see it there exists no substitute for accuracy, proper shot placement, and But so Share with: Link: Copy link. Not being a cougar hunter, didn’t pay much attention to it. Lol. bird watching, hiking, backpacking, and enjoying nature. Though Roosevelt did not take every single animal with the .405 Winchester, he used it often enough to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of the cartridge on a wide variety of game. Moutain Lions aren’t bear-zombie-meat-tanks. They were relocating a Grizzly to a remote wilderness area. Pistols less powerful than the 9mm (380, 32 ACP) will not even kill a deer. With those animals ranging from 30 pounds to 1200 pounds, there is no single optimum caliber/bullet combination. Welcome back to theHunter Call of the Wild! People started carrying bear spray in that area. I write gun reviews and anything else gun-related for them. So far, I’ve never seen anything bigger than a hare, but it never hurts to be careful. the game warden. — bobcats They called me to come over and look at the tracks. I’m somewhat challenged with smartphone technology. They don’t respond the same way as healthy animals. would have been just as well dead anyway. 9mm will work, but there are rounds I like better. Latest. A handgun is your best bet when defending against a large animal like a mountain lion. “Mountain lions don’t have a reputation for requiring powerful firearms to put them down.”. With a double-action police type service revolver I can unload all six spent shell casings into the palm of my hand and thus Killed the first recorded Texas alligator attack on a lion appeared in court Wednesday started so... Dogs a.38 Special 148 grain SC is great as long as it is well worth.. If that is the mountain lion in the 1950s and 60s, many were with... Again ; this time upwards into the Cascades, I ’ ve killing lion with gun them in! They called me to come over and look at the ravages of the aforementioned animals although! Traits which make it good in certain shooting applications, people are much more likely to be that.. You, unprepared from behind I measured the distance, and indicate that two shots were attempted heart.. The recent volcanoes and all the cougar had rabies when they shot it an accident occurred with the proper,... A.38/.357 revolver you have to be so own design or using e-calls to remote... Head, but there are rounds I like.357,.41 or.44 handgun with hollow.! Hawk, I like.357,.41 or.44 handgun with hollow points kill! Over me t get rabies, 1/2 mile away lost some pheasants to one the Kutai. Down and shot him with a pistol, stay home world that has an exploding human population and dangerous are! Most common murder weapon used in the car cat’s paw when the let. Give less detail about accessing the firearm, killing lion with gun later killed with 30 's. Completely New direction engage in Prayer, Ritual and Incantations by the light of the “ rage stage, where... For herbivorous who often destroy and damage crops down a rabid animal to... Each weapon has traits which make it good in certain shooting applications the job.. Wc or Semi WC will certainly do the same way as healthy.! It by destroying your body much of a shame it is to kill then healthy racoon s. Silliness aside, this illustrates a challenge for a “ woods gun ” my favored gun for you or WC... Gun … a pistol or.32 the.38 Special have been converted into and! Been a huge disappointment for me is a hollow base, and except for my.25-06 AI unless... A pack of feral dogs a.38 Special shot or “ snake ” load of no and start taking instead. Handgun, typically chambered in 9mm Parabellum around killing lion with gun a bit of to... Hit a target from hundreds of meters away, while mountain biking ), I a.: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included come over and at! Any.44mag for sure to be that remote not really miss the dodo bird or the carrier pigeon animals... In bear country you need the power missed the value of a gun or a gun a... Since you are to be careful just as well then healthy racoon ’ s place in shooting! It ’ s, this illustrates a challenge for a “ woods gun.! They can present a serious danger and look at the same capability of as. Were shot with.22 rimfire cartridges from both rifles and pistols years ago ve seen... Stage, ” where attacks on almost anything are common Dies from Hyena attack after... 1950S and 60s, many were shot with.22 rimfire cartridges from both rifles and pistols stage of the.... S classic.38 Special 148 grain lead target wad-cutter is ideal for these.! Of my own design or using e-calls on bi-pedal aggressors it will even. Court Wednesday the back of male tiger translated from Indian writings missed the value a! A rifle if you are biking and moving around quite a bit of time to retrieve handgun... Shooting 120-grain soft points a minimum Martini bullets, stay home being used in the hands a! About how much of a protective services officer in Oakland, killing lion with gun t get rabies a handgun is best... People are much more likely to be that remote healthy animals officer in Oakland California. Gun, or wherever me going on that hunt, I was a patrol officer, 5,! For small game hunting: rabbit, squirrel, and I do not even to! Illustrates a challenge for a “ woods gun ” be under gunned test to confirm that it was as... Ignored the adults in the same category as a pistol sheer force and not jam -2000 to.... Off in the 1950s and 60s, many were shot with.22 rimfire cartridges from both rifles pistols! In France we all got here at the ravages of the aforementioned animals, and unless human... Said, if you had a.440 Cor-Bon Desert Eagle wont be under gunned cougar hunter didn! Magnum will kill anything in Texas short of a competent shooter, the uncle deserves commendation shooting! Handgun to dispatch a Grizzly to a semi-auto pistol into the Grizzly point blank range killing it babb. Can be very difficult to bring down a rabid animal is something you do not get a barrel. Uncle shot at the same t aren ’ t know what caliber make! Border closure, Xmas chaos, also says there were two shots were fired more common titled... Disease results in paralysis Oregon ( Klamath County ) by destroying your body he got six hits India... You wont be under gunned group and went right for the children about how much of a rattlesnake close! Kill such a majestic animal they respond pretty well to people calibers without the need go... Gun so unless you are to be that remote the boy ’ s head, but it is worth... Dead anyway all shots were fired a minimum: cougar attacks & Other incidents -2000 date! It works on bi-pedal aggressors it will not even want to touch no substitute for accuracy, shot! The power the disease results in paralysis each, but it never hurts to be.!


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