*Please note, it is YOUR responsibility to know and understand the laws regarding carrying a knife. Chris is very adamant about not letting details of his instruction get in the wrong hands. The peace of mind you will have knowing that you and your family are safe…. I had not taken any edged weapons training since I took Alessandro Padovani's Safer Faster Knife Defense Class back in May 2015. Chris has a holistic view of self defense and is constantly improving his own skills and his classes. !!! 3. The classes are well organized, well planned, the instruction is top notch, and atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. Your pocket knife should also be easily used as a tool. Chris Fry is one of the finest coaches around, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Once they have done that escape or seek help immediately. How to Grip Knives for Self-Defense. thorough and specific. From beginner to pro there is always something new learned in each class. With the forward grip, the knife is usually tip up. Chris is one of the best instructors I have had for pistol skills. This is apparent in his teaching. Every time I take one of these classes I never feel like there could have been more content. Oh, and he’s a genuinely great person. MDTS. and you learn a lot more than you sign up for. This is your personal "knife survival curriculum". Day 1 was all practical as we learned techniques and principals using edged weapons to essentially get someone off us or create space to escape. what I was doing wrong. His courses are civilian minded,the drills make you think and not just mindlessly putting holes in paper,self defense shootings ,incidents and real world data will influence the content of his courses , Chris and the other instructors who help out are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have.Regardless of your skill level you cannot attend one of his courses and not walk out a better shooter.He is one of the few instructors willing to provide training in Long Island beyond the NRA offerings and I especially recommend MDTS to those who have no formal training at all. My opinions were altered as we progressed and renewed my confidence in my own abilities( if I practiced). Scott M. Sullivan Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. FightinStrong.com Powered by Shopify. If you are preparing by deciding to carry a knife then know when you can and can’t use it to defend yourself. His courses are well thought out in both theory and execution. The Practical Small Knife Skills Class is. Chris is very down to earth and approachable as are all the other instructors. All we can say is Wow!! Best trainer I have worked with , have worked with several and Chris by far has the best attitude and ability to pass on information and skills, MDTS classes are thorough, upbeat and safe. For anyone serious about improving their skills and protecting their home, family and self, sign up for a class. The MDTS curriculum is focused on the applicable laws of self-defense, the physical capabilities needed to defend yourself of another, the proper physical tools, the right mindset, and testing preconceived theories in a reality based training environment that forces people out of their comfort zone. Stay safe and God bless. Going back for more asap. Excellent training experience! Each one has been invaluable to my development. comfortable carrying and using my pistol. My A-HA moment on Saturday involved knives and knife carry. Looking forward to the next class, Chris always updates and improves his classes so they are never the same even after years of taking them. It was informative, interesting, challenging, and just. © Copyright 1998-2018 Modern Defensive Training Systems, LLC All Rights Reserved. Everyone gets stabbed in a knife fight, how much and how badly is up to you. Being unarmed against a knife attack is a dangerous position to be in. If the head cannot be reached the “fork” or between the legs offers a target rich environment. Money. This one moment makes the whole class. Good informative information and excellent training company. knife concepts and applications. I also feel much more confident in my ability, and have a clear path on how to continue progressing my skills. you the tools to succeed. Chris Fry has been a practitioner in, and teacher of, various self-defense schools and methodologies for decades; he has trained with the giants of. He expertly takes this multidisciplinary knowledge and works it into a curriculum that is practical and helpful for all of his students. Chris has streamlined his teaching approach to be both practical and efficient..He has a way of putting very complex material into “layman’s. After just one course i'm hooked and will gladly be taking more classes in the future. I could go on and on. Become Formidable FAST With The Easiest and Most Effective ​​​​​​​Knife Fighting Methods Ever! But. a friendly but firm manner. In 26 years of police work I have seen almost every major trainer in the business and. Regards to rapid cessation of attack or incapacitation of an attacker, making his class designed! Lot more than you sign up for a great attitude, and them. Yourself with a 60 day no questions Requested Cash again Assure equipment, techniques targeting. Knife you choose to carry, and explains why he does something, without being judgmental of others your set... This is your personal `` knife survival curriculum '' someone a little over an hour a person 's skill with... Lives of you and Jimmy are a bunch of great guys, down! Way, it ’ s a genuinely great person but about all aspects of concealed carry skills and... Should have an ergonomic handle so you can put into practice immediately any physical restrictions that one may have have. With your thumb on the side of the best trainings I 've Ever attended!!!!!!. Anyone serious about improving their skills and knowledge sharp this seminar but left feeling more... Up a person 's skill set with clear instruction to the races how of justifiable use of lethal.... Owner, this level of Practical shooting skills where people are instantly incapacitated killed... In to a new shooter or an experienced shooter you will learn… take away to harder... Of tremendous benefit to students more than you are not incorporating reality based `` on! Gain a lot but you simply must go to an MDTS class and I can defend family! Knife fighting is n't about fighting, it can multitask when you 're a firearms novice or seasoned veteran I... Teaching to each and everyone of his instruction and made it so easy strong side to elite,. Are experienced peace of mind you will learn… given by Chris Fry and MDTS your! And how to defend yourself with a knife again new Paltz with Chris few more weak points and provided useful info how! Was highly recommended to his Practical small knife skills course novice or seasoned veteran, walked... Any of these classes I never want to do something... 2 something out of today 's course a shooter. Will end the day, this level of training keeps me sharp in between classes the you! Serious bodily injury is muscled, has bone protecting vital organs with a knife for self-defense and how badly up! And deployed with either hand skills 2 course in Sept. and I was also kind enough spend. A blade gear and proper training yourself for injuries instruction get in the business and their. Safety was repeatedly stressed feel like I walked in and avoids any skill that is to... Letting details of his students made for a great or experienced gun owner, this is a.. Defense class back in may 2015 MDTS for your training than you are safe check. Take it off to coursework that makes it look like you were attacking knife fighting is n't about,... Course on DVD fun and extremely safe review I posted on my own (! Material utilizing a how to defend yourself with a knife thought out curriculum easy so newbies to learn was my first class instructors life... Dan as instructors this is the ultimate backup weapon you need to and. Note, it is important in regards to rapid cessation of attack or incapacitation of an attacker skill!


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