Eastern Traditions However, not all sapphires are blue. Accessibility Statement, Join our mailing list below to download a The December birthstone color is rather obvious. Hayasaka Yoshino is a stone healer that usually works in Tokyo area, Japan. Named after the color of seawater, aquamarine is the blue to blue-green member of the beryl family. What color is December birthstone? This gemstone for December is a rare opaque stone that occurs in colors ranging from blue to green. The Cost of December Birthstones. There are in fact three official December birthstones - Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Zircon, with Blue … 2020 Sources: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Vietnam. The list of traditional or ancient birthstones most well-known in the United States actually originated in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. This birthstone of December is the red variety of corundum, which would otherwise be called sapphire in another color. Amethyst is both the modern and traditional birthstone for February. All rights reserved. It is a blue to blue green to yellowish green mineral that has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years. Hardness: 9 Before the 20th century, all yellow gemstones were called topazes. This gemstone for December is believed to heighten awareness, expand perspective, and free a person of negativity. Diamond is both the modern and traditional birthstone for April. "Fortune-telling counseling", which finds out the best gemstone for the client, received a high reputation. Crystallography: Isometric; Crystals sometimes sharp octahedra, dodecahedra, and combinations with other forms. In the United States today, people draw freely from both lists and pick the stones that appeal to them. Emerald has been synonymous with the color green since ancient times. Chrysoprase is a birthstone for December in the old Russian calendar. Crystallography: Hexagonal (trigonal). Consequently, faceted specimens are extremely rare. And get horoscope updates by Following him on Twitter or Liking him on Facebook, © 2020 Deomar Pandan, All Rights Reserved, Traditional: Bloodstone, Ruby, Zircon & Lapis Lazuli. The rest of the color is due to the body color. Turquoise, the oldest birthstone of December, is blue. Its colors — always red — can reach vivid levels of saturation. Join our mailing list below to download a FREE gem ID checklist tutorial. Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a traditional birthstone for December from as far back as the 15th century. Color: Mostly red or deep red. Coupon: XMAS2020. January Birthstone - Garnet. Both tourmalines and opals have their aficionados, but opals just edge past them in popularity. Garnet is thought to bring friendship, loyalty and sincerity to the wearer, and the stone is said to have the power to ensure good health and protection during travel. Learn how to get started with the International Gem Society’s guide to gemstone identification. January Birthstone -Garnet. Tourmaline is the modern birthstone for October. Major Sources: Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Zambia. Crystallography: Amorphous. That’s excellent news if you’re in the market for this January birthstone. Some traditional gems are also less expensive (like turquoise) or more readily available (like cultivated pearls) than their modern counterparts. Crystallography: Hexagonal From the fiery … Readily available and moderately priced, the March birthstone makes an excellent jewelry stone. There is a Gregorian calendar birthstone poem for each month in the year. Some of these color combinations are incredible. Faceted specimens are extremely rare and usually…. For instance, a 3-carat oval turquoise can be purchased at $50. Ready to learn how to identify gems on your own? Lapis Lazuli is blue, while chrysoprase is very near blue. This December birthstone is a variety of chalcedony ranging in color from apple green to deep green. Garnet is both the modern and traditional birthstone for January.


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