The deep sea, sea floor, and open oceans would have the least access to phytoplankton. Treat the homes of sensitive marine life with respect—habitat and survival go hand in hand. The seas, oceans and bays have occupied about 70% of the earth’s surface. 4.9). Explain which three marine habitats would have the least access to phytoplankton, and why. When habitat disappears, so do plants and animals. (ii) Explain how each of the plant and animal is adapted to the habitat. Many feed on the abundant plankton. The benthic zone is the area below the pelagic zone, but does not include the very deepest parts of the ocean (see abyssal zone below). The flora in the pelagic zone include surface seaweeds. Marine habitats can be very different from each other depending on how warm the water is. Water/Pelagic environment consists of two major marine ecosystems, Neritic and Oceanic zones. Organize a stream, river, bay, or beach cleanup; get your local press to cover wetland stories; or invite an expert to speak at your school or community group. Respect habitat. Three major zones are recognized: supralittoral (covered only during highest spring tides), littoral or intertidal (covered regularly between high and low tides), and sublittoral (never exposed even during the lowest low tides). Bottom/Benthic environment consists of the other three major ecosystems, Supralittoral, Intertidal/Littoral, and Sublittoral zones. Phytoplankton are only found near the surface of marine habitats, in the photic zone, so the ocean floor and deep sea habitats do not directly support phytoplankton. (a) List three major zones in the marine habitat stating one characteristic feature of each zone. ‘Marine’ is a word that describes oceans and seas, where water is salty. Take action. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered water, and nearly all of that is saltwater from oceans and seas. (c) State three bahavioural adaptations of animals to seasonal changes in terrestrial habitat. Controlling Pollution; The first measure that would be useful in combating this environmental threat would be the step to control environmental pollution.Water, air and soil pollution are responsible for the adverse climatic changes. What are marine habitats? Marine Habitat: The marine habitat is the largest of all habitats. Marine ecosystems are aquatic environments with high levels of dissolved salt, such as those found in or near the ocean. The fauna include many species of fish and some mammals, such as whales and dolphins. The physical features of the marine habitat are relatively stable. The three major zones of a lake described as follows (Fig. Solutions of Marine Habitat Loss and Destruction. The depth varies from intertidal zone (a zone covered by water only part of the time) to depth as great as 35,400 feet or 6. The marine ecosystems can broadly be classified into two main categories constituting 5 major marine ecosystems. (b) (i) Give one example each of plants and animals in the marine habitat. (a) Littoral zone: The littoral zone adjoins the shore (and is thus the home of rooted plants) and extends down to a point called the light compensation level, or the depth at which the rate of photosynthesis equals the rate of respiration. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): marine sites such as sanctuaries, fisheries management areas, state conservation areas, and wildlife refuges established to protect habitats, endangered species, and to restore the health of marine ecosystems in areas jeopardized by habitat and species loss. Type # 1. Marine ecosystems are defined by their unique biotic (living) and abiotic (nonliving) factors. Marine ecosystem, complex of living organisms in the ocean environment.. Marine waters cover two-thirds of the surface of the Earth.In some places the ocean is deeper than Mount Everest is high; for example, the Mariana Trench and the Tonga Trench in the western part of the Pacific Ocean reach depths in excess of 10,000 metres (32,800 feet).


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