For this reason, they should be pruned to ensure the main plant does not die off. Before you begin, determine the conditions of your property and make a layout plan. Muskoka Watershed Council - shoreline naturalization program  Canada Wildlife Federation - Gardening for Wildlife. Experts agree that re-creating cottage shorelines with native vegetation is the best solution for water quality and long-term shoreline stability. • Check the instructions on your seed or plant and make sure they match the soil conditions and sun and water availability at your chosen planting site. Quantities are limited for some plants, so you can start your planning now to ensure that you can order the plants you want in March. Buffers can reduce flooding by slowing the velocity of surface runoff so it absorbs into the ground and becomes groundwater. * Gift Cards are available here * Plant Orders are closed for the 2020 Season. When pruning trees, make sure you don’t remove the crown bud (the highest budding branch on the tree) as this forces the tree to grow wide instead of tall. Welcome to the Ontario Wildflowers website Your "online field guide" to Ontario's wildflowers. Learn about plants, design aspects, lighting effects. Complete rejuvenation involves cutting the entire shrub back until just the stump remains, about 15-25 centimetres (6-10 inches) above the ground. All rights reserved |, download the free Native Plant Care Guide courtesy of The Natural Edge, Canadian Wildlife Federation: Gardening for Wildlife. Not sure what plants are native to your region? Dead branches can be pruned any time. Estevan, SK S4A 2L7 Table 1 provides a detailed listing of various benefits that can result from shoreline buffers. Naturalizing your shoreline is easier than you think and the long-term results are stunning! Check out our, Dig a hole large enough to ensure the plant’s roots are completely covered, Put the plant in the hole and cover with the removed soil and any topsoil you may need to fill in the rest, Ensure no air in the hole by gently stomping around the base of the plant and packing the soil down, Leave at least a metre around each plant so they’re not fighting for the same nutrients, Lay mulch around the base of your plant to protect it from weeds and other predatory plants, Water your plants well to keep them healthy and to remove any leftover air pockets contained within the soil, During the spring months: April, May and June, During drought-like periods during the summer months, Trees and large shrubs require 20-30 litres (4-6 gallons) of water weekly, Smaller shrubs require 10-20 litres (2-4 gallons) of water weekly, Ground cover will only require watering when the soils are dry, suppressing unwanted weeds that could compete with new shrubs and trees, reducing water evaporation from the first few inches of soil, providing valuable nutrients to the new plants, insulating and protecting roots from extreme effects of heat and cold. Watershed Manager: Kevin Steinley Most of the plants featured on this website grow elsewhere in eastern North America, and many grow elsewhere in the world. Common Shoreline Plants of Southern Ontario Native Plant Suppliers Friends of Lemoine Point c/o Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority 1641 Perth Road, PO Box 160 Glenburnie, ON (613) 546-4228 Fuller Native and Rare Plants 175 Airport Parkway East Belleville, ON Golden Bough Tree Farm 900 Napanee Road, PO Box 59 Marlbank, ON … MAPLE operates a nursery where it grows native Ontario plants for shoreline planting. In total 73 plants were planted. Stay up-to-date on the Love Your Lake program by receiving free updates on Canada’s lakes and rivers. 306-770-4607, Wascana Upper Qu’Appelle Watersheds Taking Responsibility Growing plants that are native to your region can harvest plenty of benefits — like increased pest resistance, a better habitat for local wildlife and improved biodiversity. Check out our 2021 Pla nt Catalog! Watershed Manager: Tyler Fewings Others have been introduced intentionally or accidentally over the years. Fertilizer increases the risk of excess nutrients flowing into the lake and increasing the possibility of blue-green algae blooms. Here about why your shore is significant to the health of the lake and why your choices are important. They are long-lived and readily re-seed themselves, coming back year after year. Common Shoreline Plants of Northeastern Ontario These plants are all native to northern Ontario and suited to shoreline rehabilitation. Origin Native Plants is a retail and wholesale native plant nursery located in Guelph, Ontario. Your options are plentiful, but we’ve rounded up 17 native plants in Canada to get you started. 70 Pine Street Join seasoned experts with over 20 years’ experience in naturalizing, restoring, and designing shoreline gardens across Ontario. At the same time, as waterfront views improve, so too does the price of the property. Box 1602 Check out our Native Plant Supplier List. A fine example of a maple/beech/hemlock forest with many native wildflowers. Watershed Manager: Colleen While suckers can aid in stabilizing and naturalizing a shoreline, they can also limit the nutrients reaching the canopy layer of the main shrub or tree. catalogue of native plant growers in Ontario. About 33 of these species are native to the area. Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7K7 These 3 hour workshops are in a classroom setting. Watershed Manager: Jamie Holdstock Esterhazy, SK S0A 0X0 Trees and branches that have fallen into the water or along the shoreline should be left alone. Make a wedge shape cut, roughly one-quarter of the branch diameter, on the underside of the branch, and approximately 12 cm (5 inches) from the branch collar. Also, a single epic storm can wipe out a native shoreline. CONNECT WITH US SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. And by maintaining a natural shoreline, you’re doing your part to conserve a healthy lake and a thriving wildlife population. The presence of both creates a basket root system that, like a rebar, ensures soil stability. After naturalizing their shoreline with 112 plants 4 years ago, the plants have flourished.


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