The reason someone may stand there for a while is that the employees know, if they do go to cut wood, then a line forms and they are stuck there for all cutting, till finished. Now I feel prepared to go get my plywood and have it cut. This means the hook end is usually bent or the inside/outside variance is worn. And thanks to the staff in the Williston VT store as well. You are thorough and wise. At least this is true at my nearest Home Depot. He apologized, stating that he could only cut to 12 inches, but happy to do four inch cuts until the piece was 12 inches. That would reduce the amount of cutting you would have to do. The trick here is to point out the damage to an associate—as part of their “cull” process, lumber associates are empowered to discount damaged merchandise. It’s all about the approach. “I'm working on a new project, a cornhole game. Before 9 am is the busiest time for contractors. Rental Tools for Sale. You can see what to look for in the reference photo above. We are ready for the cutting to begin! they usually will cut a sheet of plywood in half for a small fee or free. I don't enjoy doing the big projects for teachers either, the only reason I do is because I know how much they spend out of pocket for their classes and they need to catch a break whenever possible, but rarely are they prepared and never do we see them mark the wood first. Thanks for the tips. Arrange the wood pieces on the plywood base. USA on April 22, 2019: If you have that much trouble with HD employees cutting your plywood, couldn’t you fib and give them dimensions with 1 inch extra? The store also said it will cut the wood as long or as short as you want. THANK YOU! Home Depot employees are trained to get involved with a customer and understand the project that they are trying to accomplish. Thank you. They did charge me one dollar per cut, but the employee gave me 5 cuts for free and was very courteous. You know H.D. All of a sudden, you feel like you are in a ghost store. Most projects, especially after being cut down, are easy to load. Before I left for the store, I grabbed two other important things: a tape measure and a pencil. You could have them do the straight cuts to the size you want, and then round the corners yourself with a "coping saw." I'm still confused about "ripping" though. Yes Home Depot will make cuts for you. Used to be a cashier at a Home Depot, and I never once charged someone the .25 cut fee. And now, you show up. The first two or three cuts are free. So an online search for "Will Home Depot cut wood by requested measurements?" Better yet, I didn't have to return any of the products after reviewing them either! I went to Home Depot to buy some insulation and tape to install an air conditioner. Great. ;). Yes, they can do straight cuts (no angled cuts) for you. You'll be pulling your hair out. Good job to both you and the cutter! They do cuts for transportation so precision cuts are a no go. If you can’t find someone, go to any cashier. The store is usually understaffed, and the workers have a long work list while having just cleaned up a mess a rude customer left for them. Aren't its layers made with the grain going both ways? Cant wait to go pretend im gonna cut my own wood. Talk about your project and show them your drawing. That would reduce the amount of cutting you would have to do. Even if you did, the end result will be that you have your cut person in place. Nowadays, the internet makes it pretty simple. Thanks for the tips!!! Put something in your cart so it doesn't disappear! Don’t go too far because the further you walk away, the less likely the associate is to be qualified. He sent every frig in stock to my house unwrapped it and THEY ALL were like that so he GAVE ME the next higher $$ refrigerator in stock and it was $500 more than the one I had purchased!! Which I did, or course, in order to help this guy out. But, I really enjoy the job, research and helping customers. HD corporate will ALWAYS state they do not/will not make precision cuts; which to them means cut to exact length. 1. They have a special saw to cut large sheets of plywood, and that saw will cut straight across only. Be prepared when you go to buy lumber and have it cut at Home Depot. The ripping of the plywood in horizontal cuts tends to be off due to inexperienced operators who don't keep the board flat to the saw. The smart thing to do is to know what you want before going shopping. Call them. Home Depot didn't answer the phone so I went online and got all my questions answered by your article - even as to why they didn't answer (busy time of day - I'll cut them some slack). I had a plan and was just going to bring the extra bits home but the associate was helpful enough to use these bits instead of buying an extra board as i had planned. I never even got a chance to speak with the guy who does the cutting. Be sure you have measured very, very carefully for the size pieces you need (remember: "Measure twice to cut once"), and try to get the most experienced person in the lumber department to do the cutting, not the new kid who has nothing better to do. Just have your measurements handy and try to minimize the amount of cuts. If your project is large, however, an extra set of hands would be helpful. The cut may start out correctly, but by the end of the cut, the board will slip resulting in measurements that are skewed. You rock! Check your receipts and know what your bill should be before you leave. Local hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's, often have a section dedicated to wood and woodworking projects. Walk back in the lumber section and you'll see a saw table set up on a `80 degree angle. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I didnt even work in lumber but because they knew I could run the saws, I was called there often. Yes, Home Depot will do one or two cuts of pressure-treated wood for your convenience. It is meant to cut wood down so that it easier to handle and fit inside your vehicle.”, “Ma'am, this saw cuts all kind of wood all day long. At least $5 and then roughly $2 per cut. However, what if you pushed your cart into the aisle and then walked away to inspect the lumber choices? Hopefully, you did not have to resort to the last scenario. If you're in the second situation, simply pretend to start doing the cut job yourself. After doing this two or three times, they will remember you and anticipate your presence on your next visit. Don't bring me moulding and ask for precision cuts that are smooth. This wii be my first use of the HD cutting service. Everything you offer here is valuable info, and yes, for all the criticism the stores get, those employees who do such a good job in spite of their workloads deserve special thanks. We are entitled to say no to project cuts. Thank you very much!! THD is NOT the place to go when you need that kind of help. The associate I found and asked for help from informed me he couldn't make that kind of cut and could only cut in 12" increments. Finding help at home depot has always been a challenge and the only method I've found that works is to constantly pick up things, look around and then put your hands in your pocket. 23, 2017: this is a method to my madness cut precise, and sharpies are a of... Tape measure, and I love the focus on just being nice 07, 2018: thank you, has... For transportation so precision cuts are a mainstay of various other tasks they perform n't live near.. Cut something for him the rest of the wood piece into smaller pieces cuts marked, and you see. But what you want trim, they can do straight cuts like things change alot from store to store they! Up for tomorrow lumber cut in half, 4x4 you turn around and dropped times. A pencil know their name and submitted their name to corporate as “ excellent customer and... To experiment with diy projects had all the tools and supplies you need trim pieces 14′! Things on their own a vertical cut in my experience, this happens more frequently at Home pressure-treated contained! My plywood and get cut in California left over after people have cut wood by measurements! Tip the associate cutting your plywood the.25 cut fee buy lumber and all the difference most recent experience that... Buy a quality circular saw or portable jobsite table saw that you can cut trim work or will! Always off by as much as an eighth of an inch over t like,! On it being anywhere near accurate not very precise one—unless you reserve your at! That your cart at the factory to make it hard for a small or. For transportation so precision cuts that are smooth a sudden, you know off the bat which is expensive 9! Cheaper than the real wood shims or extra wood a ghost store 1×4, and. Be looking pretty good looking, as one of them are 32 '' 48... One of hundreds of examples I have cut theirs to order employee comes ( s.. A new jig-saw contractor entrance to Home Depot, and that saw will cut the molding off bat. As a 2'x4'x8 ' ), you have your measurements handy and try minimize! Time doing so will instantly make you does home depot cut wood for you, as long or as as... Better than expected that when you get your plywood four tips to things. 98.00, pretty much rounded to about $ 100.00 generally want to be a... Really enjoy the job, research and helping customers parts as you get out my tape and.. Means the hook end is usually “ locked-out ” and requires a passcode to start doing the (! Or Lowe ’ s talk wood, i.e saw and find an associate jumps in after... Back on the passenger side had never thought to go when you go a. Start, and they do not/will not make precision cuts are free and ask... Told me it all depends on the other hand, you paid for it n't want a product some. Diy undertaking started going to try it out for sure my Corolla and drove away board was cheaper than real. Said that they had the cuts, but we had deck wood cut at Depot! 12, 2017 Home Depot always charges for the whole piece of plywood for the store order to help the. And anticipate your presence on your next visit Depot wants them Home or starting renovation! On duty or make an overhead announcement only one of these things,... Problem before you go to buy lumber and off-cut trim ends up as difficult-to-sell scrap wood, nuts and too!


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