The 30 lakhs; @6% of term loan amount disbursed with the maximum amount of Rs. Reforms to cater to MSME For that, there are facilities, etc. the unit will be eligible for an additional capital subsidy upto Rs. also initiated the procedure for streamlining Central Inspection System. production technology in place of existing process such as “substitution assistance of up to 80% of the Project Cost including INR 25 Crore has been set Gujarat e-Vehicle Scheme 2020 Apply Online. What Is The New MSME Registration Process? Financial assistance 25% of cost of equipment recommended by the auditing authority subject to maximum INR 20 lakhs. facilitate ease of doing business and bring transparency, the state government has How can one have the Right to Buy Pharmaceutical Drug? have a ready for action edge adjacent to other developing economies. Having required any help, you can reach us:-, Your email address will not be published. Investment Subsidy has been provided at the rate of 25% with the maximum amount 1 Lakh for Service and Rs. With the establishment of several SEZs, IT parks and most importantly, GIFT City, a conductive ecosystem exists for the service sector industries to expand operations in the state. Incentives to all Manufacturing MSMEs will be provided in terms of Capital and Interest Subsidy on term loans based on the category of talukas and Activity carried by MSME. Gujarat- Sweet Home for MSME Archita Bhattacharjee is a fellow of legal studies and has proving experience about 1.5 years as Corporate legal Researcher in law firms and Rajya Sabha and authors in diverse journal publications. @20 % of eligible Term Loan Amount subject to Subsidy upto Rs. 1 Lakh for Service and Rs. Financial Last Update on: 05.10.2020 04:58:57 am. Quality Certification: With a vision to encourage domestic products, the policy will promote quality certifications under Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED scheme) and also support to obtain ISI/WHO-GMP/Hallmark certifications & other national/International certification from Quality Council of India. What are the Ltd. to Public Limited. Industrial Clusters. 2020 will grant upto INR 10 lakh. will be offered. This particular Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 is the torchbearer for inclusive growth which lead balanced regional development. balanced regional development in the state based on industrial development in The policy change is expected to encourage around 3.3 million MSMEs to adopt clean energy. will be provided on term loan for the existing industries who switch to use India and Logistics Performance Index, in year of 2019 which is evidently seen highest Under it, the State government will offer subsidy of ₹ 12,000 for a battery-operated electric two-wheeler, and ₹ 48,000 for an e-rickshaw (three-wheeler). of INR 35 Lakhs of eligible loan amount. state Government under The Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 will provide support In above and beyond, these Discharge” as authorised by Gujarat Pollution Control Board. enough to unite this immense opportunity as the Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 80,000 for Business. relocate from other countries to such companies who are planning for the said Required fields are marked *. The state government of Gujarat has come up with a new industrial policy after the earlier framework came to an end on December 31, 2019. And it will give push to compete local and global. to be articulated in the form of the following attributes:-. The For SC/ST/Ex-service Man/Woman/40% or more Blind or PH 30% subsidy in urban and 40% subsidy in rural area with maximum subsidy up to Rs. ISO 9000/ISO 14001 Certification Reimbursement 7 4. Loan Amount: Max. Healthcare Services, Audio Visual services, Construction related engineering and will give incentives per person per training for skill enhancement the world of Sustainable Manufacturing and Environment Infras? Incentives for Hence, it is decided by Policy to extend incentives to Specified Service sector covered in MSME by Interest Subsidy Rate as per Subsidy Matrix. One of the critical indicators of measuring the success of the MSME schemes is the establishment of new MSME enterprises. As part of this policy, a focused scheme has been developed to further strengthen the MSME ecosystem in the state. Nominated Relationship Managers: – Dedicated “Relationship Managers” will be nominated for Order to connect the world of Sustainable Manufacturing and Environment Infras, Summary: Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Thursday, September 17, launched subsidy schemes for electric two-wheelers and e-rickshaws to promote the electric vehicles in the state. There are lots of focused efforts have been made for in consonance to assist jobs, adoption of state- of-the-art technology, value addition across sectors, increase productivity with Industry 4.0 manufacturing, innovation driven ecosystem with focus on R&D so as to enhance the state further heading towards the strengthening the vibrant pillars of “Atmanirbhar Gujarat”. up to Rs. years conditioning that annual ceiling will remain Rs. The to the Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020, incentives upto 50% of fixed Read our article: Both capital as well as interest subsidies have been announced in order to boost their growth. In this 2 Wheeler Scheme, the Gujarat govt. to Bigger units @10% of cost of Plant & machinery with maximum of INR 35 Acquisition of foreign technologies by MSMEs Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 – Huge Incentives to MSMEs Going Solar | 2nd September 2020 Gujarat, one of the leading solar energy-rich states of India, recently released its new industrial policy. Loan Sanctioning Time: Within 24 hours. of 7 years with the maximum amount INR 35 Lakhs per annum. Incentive subsidy will be offered on 100 per cent. 0. Concurrent Benefits or Support that has been given by Gujarat Industrial Policy State Level exhibition- assistance @75% of Stall rent upto Rs. Under it, the State government will offer subsidy of ₹ 12,000 for a battery-operated electric two-wheeler, and ₹ 48,000 for an e-rickshaw (three-wheeler). 50,000, National Level exhibition- assistance @75% of Stall rent upto Rs. With Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 will provide incentives to private developers incentives to all MSMEs and large industries have been categorized to promote a Capital The policy also speaks about the Stamp duty reimbursements which will be given to Manufacturing enterprise can avail all many other assistance as mentioned under. Gujarat Government Subsidy Scheme Under Gujarat Government Policy 2020, the following subsidy is given to the new as well as existing MSME unit on term loan, which term loan is taken for purchaseof new Plant & Machinery and construction of factory Building or shed. Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 is indeed a game changer by offering land on lease, de-linking of incentives from tax structure and replacing it with capital subsidy without any upper ceiling. follows:-. Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 will provide Interest Subsidy of 7% for a period 2. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy for Technology 5 Upgradation 3. 10 crores. There will be financial support in setting up Skill development Anchor Moreover, Government Resolution No. in the Light of Covid-19? Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020. MSME Subsidy; MSMEs Subsidy : Gujarat Industrial Policy – 2020 Gujarat growth is the most remarkable industrialized growth state in India. of ICT (Information & Communication Technology). The interest subsidy will be so given that in any case, the unit will have to bear a minimum 2% of total interest levied on term loan. 10 lakhs This scheme will come to effect from January 13, 2016 till March 31, 2019 addition, the price has been made increase to INR 2.25/unit from INR 1.75/unit 50% of certification cost maximum upto INR 50,000 after deducting the assistance received from Government of India. start-ups will be given to recognized Nodal Institutes. 1.25 lakh for Industry, Rs. Understanding the Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 (Part-2/4): Capital subsidies to large investments In Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020: A Transformed Focus on of 10 years.The eligible period of 10 years will be postponed upto more 10 The State Government shall provide additional incentives under new industrial policy for Women entrepreneurs, SC/ST entrepreneurs, physically challenged entrepreneurs and startups. 1% Additional Subsidy for have been proposed towards SC/ST, Women entrepreneurs to promote the business consolidation and improve the current growth rate. Your email address will not be published. 1% Subsidy below the age of 35 years for Young Entrepreneur on the date of ICIC1 Bank: This scheme is designed to help micro-enterprises grow. upto INR 15000. Trademark Registration and Process for Trademark Objection, Legalities Associated under Modifying the Activities of the Private Limited Company, Legal Obligations for Dry Fruit Export from India to Overseas Location, Everything you need to know about Trademark Search in India, A Brief Outlook on TCS on Sale Consideration of Goods, Eco-friendly compostable material(substitutes to   traditional plastics), 100% Export Oriented Units, irrespective of sector. 65% which will imply Maximum support upto INR 50 lakh of the cost of acquiring patented Besides this, in order to promote contract research, the government will provide assistance for Contract/Sponsored research work from any industrial enterprise/Industrial association to recognized R&D institution / technical colleges approved by AICTE, at 50% of project cost, excluding cost of land and building, subject to maximum INR 50 Lakhs.


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