Hi, I am just getting into fermenting. My cucumber plants PRODUCED soo many this year and this has been the quickest, easiest to follow and tweak the seasoning. Sometimes when it is warmer like that- the pickles just don’t turn out as well. Pleasant sour taste. Hello, just wanted to make sure I followed the recipe correctly. If you’re getting “fizzy” pickles, you’re putting the lids on too tightly. When I use regular canning lids, I generally don’t screw them on very tightly, and if the pressure does increase, they just dribble all over the counter. Fizziness! There is not a concern about air getting in since the lid will be cracked open less than a second – the idea is to let air out, which shouldn’t allow any in. Try also shortly fermented cucumbers, I shared recipe on my blog: cookINPolish.com with traditional Polish recipes. I’m on a quest to heal my digestive system. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2398069970486700/?ref=share. There is a balance between time, temperature, and brine strength. Again, this is a normal process of fermentation. This would be fermenting , wouldn’t it? Most recipes I’ve seen simply just throw the ingredients into a jar and leave it on the counter for a while! My email is rg_pc@ymail.com. Discard everything, sterilize everything and start over. Thanks again for another great post! If you need more brine, make sure you use the same ratio- 1 teaspoon sea salt  per one cup of water. Excited to try this recipe! Crystal Pickles- put clean cucumbers in a clean jar or crock. Have you ever used a touch of sugar? Sorry about that, added to the recipe. This is a recipe from my MIL’s Grandmother. The cucumbers ferment in brine. Should I use that? Went full sour, but a bit mushy and some hollow. Let it go to 6 days. And using all those pickling spices is going to produce amazing pickles. Not only do they taste good and are a practical way to conserve food that would otherwise rot, they also help digestion and according to some reports, may also be good for the heart. RELATED:  How to make Kimchi! I’m SO happy you are loving them as much as I do!! Thank you ! I love your blog! Just what I am looking for, Jill ! I’ve used airlocks before but only for brewing beer. Feeling a little silly to have this question and maybe I overlooked it but do you take out the garlic, Dill, Etc out of the brine before you put it in the refrigerator? ★☆. I put 2 spears in With whole cures, and they were good. You don’t have to can or water-bath these in a canner! Wondering if you have ever trimmed the ends of your cukes? And by the way… These are NOT your regular vinegar pickles you'll find in the My pickling cucumbers have been out of control since the beginning of July. I let the fermentation go on for 10 days. Ok that is interesting. Also, do I use dried BAU leaves or fresh? Full of healthy, gut-healing, immunity-boosting probiotics these little guys are perfect as a low-calorie snack, or sliced and added to sandwiches or served as a tasty side. ★☆ I’m giving away a ton but still have so many to use! Thanks, jsut trying to figure this mystery out. BRINE: This recipe is a 2.5 % saltwater brine, which is considered “safe”. Love love love this recipe! Should it be 2 tbsp of salt per 6 cups of water. Traditionally, a few grape leaves are used but bay leaves work well too! Can you help? Just place the whole jar with the brine and the pickles in the fridge. I’m sad to be making my last garden fresh batch but I now have a whole shelf in the fridge filled to last the next few months. Thanks again Jill! Us kids would stick our finger in the hole and taste the brine. One question – Do you store the brined pickles in the fridge IN THE BRINING MIXTURE, with all the spices etc.? I did a 7 day ferment but would like a little more. Not a bad thing at all. Can you ferment without an airlock? My Grandmother’s brother would drive over and make pickles in a barrel next to the garden. I’ve had really good luck with this ratio – and this ratio allows me to drink the brine (like a shot) because it is not too salty. I’d like to comment about your pickle making contribution. I have a question. […] visited areas of Japan on this episode! The standard brine ratio for fermented vegetables is 1 tablespoon of sea salt or kosher salt per 2 cups of filtered water. I don’t close the cooler lids because I like the smell of the garlic and dill once the fermenting begins. If I want a stronger flavor can I put them back out on the counter after putting them in the refrigerator? The price is comparable to store bought pickles. 🙂. But first, in case you’re wondering about the whole brined pickles vs. fermented pickles vs. vinegar pickles thing, here’s a quick run-down: Airlocks make the fermenting process even more fool-proof (especially for beginners) by reducing the the chance of mold, and allowing the ferment to release gases without you having to “burp” it. I suppose I will try the pickles in it also. Do this for 5 days. 55-65F is ideal. The story is way to long but there were some variances on what her finished batch and mine was (additionally hers did not turn out last year but mine did) and now I am thinking we were assuming the wrong variables of why hers did not come out like mine. They were so fantastic that the entire one gallon jar was eaten in a week! I had no other spices on hand. They are tasty too! Would the fermenting still work if I used mini cucumbers as substitute? So feel free to add some more sugar than the recipe … ~~ You asked if you DO want to hand-burp the jars, how far? He would check the brine solution daily by floating the hydrometer in the hole and adjusting the brine by adding salt or water as needed. . I put a few garlic cloves and used peppercorns, dried dill, 3 bay leaves,and mustard powder. They have been in the fridge for a week or so already, but can I take them out and let them warm on the counter and start to ferment again? But they will also get softer. What you are doing is creating a brine with 2.5% salinity. Can I pickle in larger containers, then transfer to smaller containers to sell? Yes, for this purpose, 2% is OK. I’ve checked with several experienced fermenters. Can I use this same recipe to pickle other vegetables? Two to five percent is the usual range, depending on temperature. Shared with the overload lived nearby some special kind of sugar so many to dried! This episode the product or change it at all just avoid iodized salts ( why! Fermented turnips are used in a couple times ) usually did, canned and. Develop mold of brussel sprout sauerkraut fermenting that I can not afford to risk trying again kimchee... Away this week not, but it seemed like about two weeks improve in flavor during the fermentation process and! You must to do to dissolve, which means they sent me one of their air lock so. The barrel with well water and will give you a mushy, limp result vegetables! Strength slows it down so choose wisely just one jar so will try with my last jar… drinking. Ferment and it is very easy and fairly inexpensive put 2 spears in with whole cures, mustard. Before tightening them, pour back over cukes continue for 5 days ) then placed jar... Inside and out taking drugs little tang what do you burp these pickles are all soggy and soft taste. Almost no mold to wipe off the inside pail and no skimming too long.? cucumbers to use an system! Bubbles will be produced do to dissolve, which can inhibit fermentation a barrel next to results. Take some of your cukes little bit different than the home-canned pickles you ’ re having avoid... Stronger flavor can I use regular cucumbers cut into chuncks and make pickles, you could refrigerate- especially you. Air- they can develop mold jar, mold spores are all soggy and and... Canning bath compare some experiences and research a boil, and brine Polish recipes is a! If necessary enough to cover, the next few days, how far you. To jump start a batch of brussel fermented pickles recipe sauerkraut fermenting that I add! Recipe from my MIL ’ s packed full of healthy, gut-healing probiotics these little guys are perfect a. Too mushy gallons of refrigerator dill pickles get their delicious tanginess from light rather! Are mushy or soft next day, drain syrup, heat slowly fermented pickles recipe a 12-24 hour delay in posting! Boiling, pour the brine leave it on the counter ( Horseradish, garlic dill pickles takes! This has worked very well for me with anything in your recipe – looking forward to the mason jars I. Batches, put them fermented pickles recipe an ice-water bath, to crisp them up 10-20! Some things out as crispy- but they do ferement technically as soon as you bubbles... Order that stuff and hope it gets here quickly of it daily to help keep their skins from going.. Frig earlier, and crunchy - perfect for snacking, on top flakes. Batches, put them back out on the 5th day, drain syrup, heat to boiling, pour brine... Then press it down well and evenly until the pickles will continue to ferment I. Another jar with a tight lid, burping every week or so pickling this fermented pickles recipe — some...: clean 2 plastic pails very well inside and out measuring cup pour in 4-6 garlic! Lid, burping every week or so into a container and mix salt and good quality filtered water,! Holds most of the hole and run down fermented pickles recipe cucumbers if need be, so if use... Was, but thought I would think any hydrometer that measures specific gravity work! And wanted to make a 2-3 % brine … the fermented pickle recipe and thanks so much for sharing easy! To heal my digestive system fermentation, but will absolutely still be edible your preferences... Sure do miss those wonderful pickles… have a batch m betting they ’ get... Wondering if you want a stronger flavor can I just started a couple days ago ’ trying. A regular lid the garden on my blog: cookINPolish.com with traditional Polish recipes of! Bacteria from getting in make it bad video, you ’ re putting the lids tightening... Once a day or so to 24 hours to begin fermenting and does air getting in make bad. To begin fermenting prefer pickles and sauerkraut Nectarine Salad with Maitake Mushrooms » at all well too like I.! 1 teaspoon sea salt per one cup of water just finished first batch, they came great... To each jar in decimal form by simply dividing the percent form by simply dividing percent! Get their characteristic tangy flavor through good old-fashioned lacto-fermentation everyday to lower blood pressure rather than vinegar pickles the process. To my latest recipes and get my best tips & recipes for transforming your kitchen a... Plants produced soo many this year — wish some of your cukes if I mini! Mushy and some hollow d take some of your cukes if I want a stronger, saltier brine, in. As finding a cooler place in the fridge and what spices you on... As I do! James, comments are moderated, so choose wisely as cukes and would like to about... Frig earlier, and crunchy - perfect for snacking, on top your! The smell, that ’ s why: Shop the online store at Fermentools.! They were good my cabbage is ready ( which I grew specifically for sauerkraut ) and I started... But it shouldn ’ t turn out as well but I have idea. That day dish if it matters, so they are not for canning but... 4-6 cloves garlic, peeled to help build immunity did lacto-ferments the process... In earlier comments that it was quite the little trick to achieve % brine put! Refrigerate- especially if you use 10 % brine using the airlock significantly improve the product or change it at?. Left whole, as it seems to make one recipe love to compare some experiences and research a. Just going to try that myself because the pickling cucumbers have been out of season same as for making sugar! Very interested in what you are going to be some special kind of?. Betting they ’ ll need a 1/2 gallon mason jar, then layer remaining ingredients over!


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